Here at JamPro Music Factory we believe music education should be fun, exciting, and most of all – rewarding!

Until now learning to sing or play an instrument was oftentimes a solitary and tedious process. You take a lesson, go home and practice, take another lesson, practice some more, and maybe eventually participate in a recital or two. More often than not, the student loses interest and eventually gives up altogether. Sadly, most music educators continue teaching this way.

JamPro Music Factory had modernized that approach with programs that blend lessons with technology, recording, collaboration, and on-stage performances. By combining these elements with teaching music the students actually enjoy, our music education model keeps students engaged and motivated to excel over the long term.   

The bottom line is music should be a lifelong endeavor – let JamPro Music Factory start you on your journey the right way!



JamPro Music Factory utilizes a unique and innovative approach to music education. By incorporating modern music technology, professional recording sessions, collaborations, and live onstage performances into our programs, we break that uninspiring lesson–practice–lesson–practice cycle most local music educators still employ. Our method provides students with regular and tangible feedback on their progress. Plus, the recording and live performance events motivate students to practice and improve upon the areas they know they need work.

While motivating students to practice is one of the many strengths of our method, practice alone is simply not enough. All too often we hear the old saying “Practice Makes Perfect.” The twist on that saying is “Practice Makes Permanent.” This is very true and it is critical that students not only practice using proper technique, but with an objective understanding of where they need improvement as well.



JamPro Music Factory was built from the ground up with the safety and security of our students and employees in mind. We are family owned and operated and care deeply about the wellbeing of our students and customers.

Not only is our 10,000 sq. foot building under 24/7 HD video and audio surveillance, all of our lesson and recording studios feature 6 foot sliding glass doors providing full view of every room. Every member of the JamPro Music Factory staff undergoes a thorough background check before working at the facility. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe lessons, or they may wait just feet away in one of our comfortable waiting areas.