JamPro Music Factory's recording studios have been purpose built to make superior recordings for our clients. A forward thinking decision was made to invest in the equipment, acoustic design and infrastructure necessary to avoid issues typically seen with other studios. These considerations are especially important in today’s recording climate where nearly everyone has access to music production software. Having a true first-class studio at our disposal is an unbelievable asset that distinguishes our client’s recordings from everything else out there.  
During construction of our studios no detail was overlooked. For example, all electrical wiring was completely removed and the studio rooms rewired adhering to strict electrical phasing and design protocol. This level of adherence flows through to every aspect of our studios including the analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, outboard gear, software platforms and storage mediums.
JamPro Music Factory's Studio A boasts Northern Nevada’s largest control room and recording spaces. The control and live rooms incorporate the flexibility to accommodate a variety of contemporary genres and the inherently different workflows that come along with them. From orchestra and string recording sessions to choir or ensemble work, great care and consideration has also been given specific to recording rock, urban and pop genres. The end result is an environment that fosters creativity and where experimentation is encouraged. 
Very unique in its own right, the Studio B Live Room houses a floor to ceiling coffered concrete acoustic wall forming an acoustic environment specific to only that room. With the ability to partially or completely tune out its acoustic effect, we have the flexibility to obtain truly original recordings.
The recording industry is returning to a place in time where production quality is once again fundamental to the process. We’re very excited about the opportunity to provide Northern Nevada with that high level of quality.