JamPro Music Factory is home to Northern Nevada's only ultrasonic brass instrument cleaning system!

Renting an instrument? Using an instrument from school? It is likely that instrument hasn't been cleaned in years (if ever!) and is home to thriving colonies of potentially harmful bacteria. To improve the working condition of your instrument and eliminate germs and bacteria bring it to JamPro Music Factory to be cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process commonly used in the medical and dental fields and has been proven a very effective way of cleaning brass instruments. Our process involves dissembling the instrument and submerging into our 39-gallon ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaning occurs as sound waves introduced in the cleaning tank cause the molecules in the cleaning solution to rapidly compress and pull apart. This creates a huge amount of energy and velocity at the molecular level which results in incredible cleaning action for brass and other metal surfaces. This process is much more effective than manual cleaning and the ultrasonic cleaning action occurs everywhere the solution makes contact with the instrument – both outside and inside!

Plus, we use only non-toxic brass instrument cleaning detergents that are not only safe for you and our staff, but are environmentally friendly. Check out the video below of the ultrasonic cleaning process in action! 


• Disassembly of entire instrument
• Ultrasonic cleaning of body and all metal parts
• Clean water rinsing and high-velocity air drying of body and all parts
• Reassembly of instrument using new felts and corks when necessary
• All valves oiled and slides greased
• Silver instruments hand polished
• Instrument case vacuumed out

Additional charges apply for stuck slides, dent work, soldering broken braces or slide tubes as well as the replacement of parts such as valve guides, springs, etc.

We run a music school and understand of impact of being without your instrument so we offer quick turnaround times on all of our cleaning and repair services!